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Thanksgiving Decor Tips to Match Your Home's Signature Style

Adam Ferst

It is my sincere (albeit lofty) goal to eliminate all stress and anxiety from each and every real estate transaction in which I am involved...

It is my sincere (albeit lofty) goal to eliminate all stress and anxiety from each and every real estate transaction in which I am involved...

Nov 14 6 minutes read

What’s your Main Line, PA home’s signature style?

Homes on the Main Line have their own unique signature styles, with each exhibiting a blend of traditional and contemporary decor accented by local pieces and inspired by the rich history of our region. Part of what makes our community stand out is the personalized design seen in our homes, from the elegant stone mansions of Villanova to the quaint colonial houses of Narberth. To make your home even more spectacular this Thanksgiving, we've provided some decor tips that align with six popular interior design styles.

1. Art Deco

Homes decorated in the style of Art Deco here in the Main Line exude an elegant and glamorous aura that matches well with our more prestigious homes. This style that emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, can be seen across Ardmore's historic districts and Merion's stately mansions.

To embody Art Deco in your Thanksgiving decor, play with bold shapes, luxurious materials, and a gold and black color scheme. Add touches of our local heritage with vintage pieces from local markets like Clover Market in Ardmore.

2. Bohemian

Bohemian interior design complements Main Line, PA’s casual yet cultured lifestyle. This aesthetic, which can be seen in the charming cottages of Wayne, is all about capturing the essence of relaxed sophistication and creativity.

For Bohemian Thanksgiving decor, mix and match colorful tableware and linens inspired by patterns found in the unique boutiques of downtown Bryn Mawr.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary design fits the newer, upscale developments popping up across the Main Line, such as Radnor and Haverford. Emphasizing clean lines, minimalism, and natural light, this style complements the up-to-date, high-tech homes found here.

To create a contemporary Thanksgiving, keep settings simple and sleek. Use neutral tones for your table and add a pop of color with a dramatic centerpiece showcasing local blooms from Lancaster County.

4. Country

Country design style is often seen in the Main Line’s historic farmhouses and traditional homes nestled in the quiet corners of towns like Malvern and Newtown Square. This warm, inviting style welcomes guests with open arms.

For a Thanksgiving setting in country-style, consider rustic wooden items and vintage touches sourced from our fantastic farm markets like Linvilla Orchards in Media.

5. Eclectic

From converted barn homes in Willistown to the renovated row houses of Paoli, eclectic design thrives in the Main Line. It's an adventurous blend of styles that paints a picture of the rich tapestry of our residents' tastes.

For an eclectic Thanksgiving, create a unique blend of new and old – incorporate modern dishware from Pheasant Run Antiques with vintage pieces from Wayne’s antique stores.

6. Traditional

Traditional design resonates with the Main Line's colonial history and is popular in more traditional, elegant homes found in Gladwyne and Villanova. This classic style exudes formality and echoes the area's historical roots.

Try mixing the old with the new for a traditional Thanksgiving setting – perhaps place local antique china alongside modern elements for a refreshing twist.

Decorate with your signature style in mind

Your Main Line home's signature style plays a critical role in defining your living space. While we lean into the elegance of art deco or the relaxed sophistication of bohemian, our interior design reflects our appreciation of the cultural diversity the Main Line offers. Our homes beautifully capture the essence of this region.

Use these design tips to enhance your Thanksgiving experience. Making your home spectacular for the holiday resonates your personality and contributes to the vibrant community spirit of the Main Line.

Sell in style

Whether you’re contemplating selling your Main Line, PA home now or in the near future, we are here to help. With our expert understanding of the local market dynamics and buyers' preferences, our team is primed to secure you a successful sale.

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