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Main Line Homes: New Year's Resolutions for Elevated Living

Adam Ferst

It is my sincere (albeit lofty) goal to eliminate all stress and anxiety from each and every real estate transaction in which I am involved...

It is my sincere (albeit lofty) goal to eliminate all stress and anxiety from each and every real estate transaction in which I am involved...

Dec 22 1 minutes read

The dawn of a New Year is a canvas of possibilities for Main Line residents who cherish the historic charm and modern sophistication of their homes. Whether you're nestled in the heart of Bryn Mawr, overlooking the lush landscapes of Devon, or amidst the vibrant communities of Ardmore, setting thoughtful resolutions can significantly enhance your living space and community bonds. Here are seven New Year's resolutions tailored specifically to Main Line homeowners, meant to nurture both the value of your property and the enrichment of your lifestyle.

1. Invest in Sustainable Upgrades

The Main Line boasts an array of architectural gems, from sprawling estates to classic Pennsylvania stone homes. Maintaining their grandeur while embracing sustainability is key. Solar panel installations can be an astute update for our sun-graced, spacious roofs. Consider high-efficiency upgrades like geothermal heating or smart thermostats for historic mansions that often come with higher energy demands. Adorn your interiors with locally sourced, reclaimed wood furniture – a nod to eco-friendly elegance that harmonizes with the Main Line's timeless decor.

2. Declutter and Organize

Grand Main Line homes are known for their impressive scale, but space is only as valuable as its organization. Imagine transforming your Wayne colonial or your Narberth bungalow with mindful decluttering. Sell or donate unneeded items to local Main Line thrift stores or charity events. With the newfound space, consider built-in bookcases or customized closet systems that enhance both the function and heritage aesthetic of your home.

3. Create a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

Expansive lawns and private gardens are hallmarks of the Main Line lifestyle. Make this the year to cultivate your personal Villanova villa or Radnor retreat with professionally landscaped gardens, featuring native Pennsylvania plants that thrive in our climate. Install a patio or revamp an existing one with local Pennsylvania bluestone for a natural, durable touch. Outdoor features like this augment both your daily life with peaceful respite and your home's market attractiveness.

4. Prioritize Home Maintenance

Our stately Main Line homes, some with histories dating back to the railroad's golden age, require diligent care. Resolve to preserve their splendor with regular maintenance. Clean those cherry-paneled libraries, service your stone fireplaces, and ensure all is well with slated roofs and copper downspouts. Seek out Main Line specialists for their expertise with the quirks and nuances that historic homes often harbor.

5. Embrace Energy Efficiency

Complement your sustainable upgrades with energy-efficient habits that respect both the environment and your wallet. Lowering the thermostat by a few degrees during our brisk Pennsylvania winters, or opting for LED lighting in your Haverford estate's grand ballroom, can substantially reduce consumption without diminishing the grandeur of your home.

6. Support Local Businesses

A cornerstone of the Main Line ethos is its sense of community. Cultivate it by frequenting local boutiques for home accessories, contracting Main Line craftsmen for renovations, or enjoying a meal at a cozy cafe down the street in Malvern. Our local economy thrives when homeowners choose to invest in neighborhood businesses; it's this small-town charm that underscores our suburban luxury.

7. Foster a Sense of Community

The fabric of the Main Line is woven tightly by its residents. Attend township meetings in Lower Merion, or join community groups in Tredyffrin. Create a neighborhood book club, garden exchange, or block party. When we strengthen our local bonds, we all invest in our shared quality of life, ensuring that the Main Line remains not just a place to reside, but a place to truly live.

The New Year on the Main Line is more than the turning of a calendar; it's an invitation to enrich the chapter of your life written within these historic walls and tree-lined streets. Commit to resolutions that elevate both your home and your daily experience, and watch as your actions ripple out to strengthen the entire community. Here's to a year of graceful living and deepened community ties on the Main Line.

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